Y-City Detailing & Automotive Muffler & Brake Shop Engine Repair & Replacement

Spark plug replacement, inspection of all engine components, air & fuel filter replacement and more

When it comes to the health of your car, there is no doubt that the engine is the heart of the vehicle. Unfortunately, engine replacement is one of the most costly repairs in the automotive industry. The good news is that with routine maintenance, you can help prevent major engine malfunctions and avoid the need for costly repairs. Our experienced technicians prioritize the health of your engine and provide preventative maintenance to keep it running smoothly.

We provide routine engine maintenance to prolong the life of your engine. This includes spark plug replacement, spark plug wire inspection, a thorough inspection of all engine components, and air and fuel filter replacement where necessary. We also specialize in replacing timing components, which are essential to ensuring that your engines valves open and close at the right time. Our experienced technicians use the latest diagnostic tools to pinpoint the root of any engine problem and minimize the cost of repairs.

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