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Paint Correction also known as paint restoration is the process of removing defects such as scratches, swirl-marks, sanding marks, stains, oxidation, haze, etching, holograms buffer trails and other imperfections from a painted surface to restore gloss and clarity. Paint correction is a very complex service but when done using our proprietary process, you end up with a finish that looks better than new and stays that way for years. Paint correction is performed by using various buffing machines, polishing pads and compounding polish to remove a microscopic layer of clear coat thus restoring the paint to a better than new state.

The paint correction process begins with a wash and thorough decontamination of the paint. This will remove any bonded contaminants away from the painted surface that could otherwise hinder the correction process. After full decontamination, you are left with a smooth surface that also reveals the true nature of the surface about to be corrected. A clay bar is most commonly used in the decontamination process. Surface prep towels and pads can also be used.

During the paint correction process we will employ many different pads, polish and compound combinations to repair scratches and achieve the optimum level or correction. After polishing, all panels are cleaned to remove any oils that have been left behind. We have different levels of packages depending on the budget and level of correction desired. Once the correction process is complete, we can apply a high-quality wax, a paint sealant. For long term protection consider adding one of our ceramic coatings.

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