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Want to keep that perfect showroom finish? How about cutting down the time it takes to wash and maintain your car? Ceramic coatings make car care that much easier, and the best part is… it’s not only for the luxury cars.

Daily drivers, garage queens, exotics and work trucks can all have impactful benefits from today’s advanced coating technology.

The secret lies in both the coatings make up, and the installer. Ceramic Pro and Jax Wax actively work to form a strong and semi-permanent diamond like barrier that is slick, glossy, and in some cases self healing.

We offer a top shelf variety of coatings that not only make your ride turn heads but will actively protect and maintain your paints pristine appearance

Jax Wax Premium Car Care Products

Y-City Detailing also offers a full premium line of at home car care products known as “Jax Wax Premium Car Care Products.”

You have the choice of CeramicPro or Jax Wax for this service.

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